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Lets Have A Paint Party

About My Business

Want to do something a little different from the norm? You can have an evening out and have a blast painting!!! I do ladies night out, private in home parties, painting with a partner, church gatherings, team building for schools, office, teachers, and public parties at different venues. I also go to nursing homes to let people there let their imaginations flow. I absolutely LOVE helping people learn to paint and watch their faces at how different everyone’s is after the party. Art is in the eye of the beholder! Everyone see’s things differently and it shows when they put brush to canvas or wood cut outs.

Since I have painted for years, mostly for myself, I found it was time to spread the love that I have for painting to others that may have the same desire as I do! PAINTING! I paint all kinds of subjects, from landscapes, theme’s, portraits to abstract. I love painting everything!

Other Events

I still paint for myself and go to festivals and have a page to sell what I’ve painted. I don’t want to lose myself in just doing paint parties! As much as I love teaching, I still love to paint just for myself! The picture below was taken at one of the festivals.

I’m here to answer any questions you might have. Get in touch using the contact form below. (This was my set up at a festival)

Get in Touch

Go to FB Page: Gie Heart and Soul Paint Parties
511 West 11th Street, Veedersburg, IN 47987

I travel up to 50 miles for clients that want a paint party. Limit for long distance traveling would be 25+ people attending. Must have one month advance notice of a party and must prepay at least one week before the event.

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